I too was really mad at this shop but I finally got my hangers about two weeks ago and they are perfect! It took a lot longer than I would have liked and I was worried I wouldn't get them after it took so long but I did and couldn't be happier with them.

It seems the shop owner really is shipping out the orders after all. Reading these complaints in my opinion people are being kind of dramatic over an Etsy order why not just file with your credit card to get your money back or something? It's a lot of emotion over an internet purchase and if you're like me you will probably be getting them anyway. I took down a pretty mean post I had made about this company on another site after I got my order I wonder how many here bother to come back and do the same?

Looking back and really thinking about it I was pretty childish to post what I did and do that when all I would have had to do was contact my bank if I really wanted a refund. I do agree Etsy and Paypal are no help in situations like this. I avoid Etsy like the plague now because the internet it full of stories about not getting orders from many vendors on there. I'm sure some are good but I'm used to ordering from a "company" where the stuff is already made and ships pretty fast and I guess I just don't have the patience to wait for it to be handmade.

That's just me but now I am only going to buy local or DIY! My wedding planning made me a little crazy I guess.

I admit that! It's stressful but no one scammed me after all and I'm happy in the end.

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Most of us cannot get our money back as her turn around time is too long to open a case. I am glad you had a good experience but what it boils down to for most of us is we paid for something we never received.


Why do I feel like this is Nila herself posting trying to redeem herself. Too late for that.

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